Jessica La Paglia

Founder & Director

Jessica La Paglia is an E-RYT 500 hr trained yoga teacher who believes yoga is the glue that unites us all with universal love and connection.
Jessica’s belief in yoga’s ability to bring synchronicity to one’s life is what led her to complete her first yoga teacher training in 2017 at Zeal Yoga in Jupiter, Florida. She then went on to complete Strala Yoga’s 300+ Advanced Leadership Training Program in New York with world-renowned Strala founders Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor. Strala teaches the practice of ease — it uses yoga, tai chi, and traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines to help people release stress, let go of bad habits, and move easily through challenges.
Her combination of natural movement, practical anatomy knowledge and supportive touch is what makes Jessica such a dynamic yoga teacher. After 15 years of practice and 5 years of teaching, she has developed a strong belief that we are all deeply connected to the earth and beings everywhere, and she aspires to bring this belief forward in her teachings.

Carolina Pelletier


Carolina has always had a love for fitness! At the young age of 8, she started playing lacrosse which laid the foundation for her pursuit in competitive sports. At 13, she took her first cycle class and was hooked on all the adrenaline she felt afterwards. She went on to get certified as a fitness instructor at 18 and taught some cycle classes of her own while also playing collegiate level lacrosse & cheerleading. After graduating, she discovered how similar CrossFit was to team sports. She went on to compete in several CrossFit competitions, pursued Olympic weightlifting, ran obstacle course races, discovered triathlon, surfing and rock climbing.

Carolina models her classes to be functional for any and all activities she engages in. She found how important it is to challenge the body to move in ways that will prepare her for activities in the real world. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness & yoga instructor as well as a nutrition coach. She hopes to empower people in their own body and discover not only their physical potential, but their passion in life as well. Her yoga classes are focused on core strength and deeper glute engagement to facilitate strong and health joint mobility through various poses. Expect her playlists to be fun and groovy to keep your energy high and motivated, and then enjoy a soothing sound bath when all the hard work is done.

Carlos de Barros

Dance Educator/Director (K-12th), 200-RYT

Carlos graduated with honors from Miami’s New World School of the Arts/University of FL program with a BFA in Dance. He has been teaching all levels of jazz, contemporary, modern, ballet, dance conditioning, yoga for dancers, Zumba, choreography, and improvisation classes full-time for the last 24 years for k-12 public and private arts schools, adults, choice programs, private studios/conservatories and universities in Palm Beach County and all around Florida.

Paralleling his dance career, he has always looked at other forms of exercise and movement modalities (such as yoga, Pilates, strength training, swimming, HIIT training, Feldenkrais, Qigong, and Tai Chi) as different forms of cross-training and movement therapy for dancers. His journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor began after dealing with a few injuries in college and after a car accident in 2003. He wanted to learn as much as he could about as many different styles of yoga, so he took classes in Bikram, Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Annutara, Yin and Restorative. He started incorporating a lot of the asanas (poses) and movement sequences he was learning into his dance warm-ups and even began leading his young dance students through 5-10 minute guided meditations at the end of their technique classes. They were left rejuvenated and feeling like they had just floated away on a cloud. This led to him finally completing his 200 hour certification in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in 2017. In addition to his dance teaching, he now teaches yoga and does private lessons (group and individual).

His class is always evolving, but will always focus on the breath connection right from the start to bring us into the present moment and begin building that internal heat. His slow burn warm-up will gently move you into some juicy stretches and core activation flows that will help support and strengthen your posture and alignment. Your attention on alignment and mindful transitions, will then prepare your body for bigger asanas that require more strength, flexibility, balance and focus (with optional modifications for all levels available). The goal is for you to disappear into your breath during the practice and float away into the end of class feeling a little more lengthened and balanced with a renewed and energized sense of spirit.

Alexa Pedicelli

Creative Director

Yoga was introduced to Alexa as a young child and the seed that was planted continued to grow roots until 2020 when she walked into a studio for the first time and a plant sprouted. After joining Tula Yoga School's admin team, she took the plunge and dove in to their first ever teacher training in October 2021. Since graduating she has been developing her teaching style and exploring all yoga has to offer.
Alexa has a background in social media and marketing, and spends her days in her garden, on the beach and hanging out with her three pups!

Dara Gyorko


Dara Gyorko is an RYS 200 yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga since 2017. She has a passion for healthy living and inspiring others to nourish their souls through connection of mind, breath and body; that very connection is what drew her to yoga in the first place. From fiery vinyasa, to slow flows, yin, and restorative, Dara has fallen in love with teaching all across the yoga spectrum. She’s fallen in love with not only with the movement, but also with the sense of compassion, presence, and oneness yoga awakens in the mind.
When she’s not on her yoga mat, you can find Dara paddle-boarding, snorkeling, biking, camping, or doing pretty much anything that gets her outside and active!

Lori Kapetanovich

"I learned a voice can comfort, heal, teach or destroy. I choose to use my voice to echo comfort & healing into the universe from my yoga mat. Yoga allows me the space to accept myself exactly as I am. I am humbled by what this practice has given to me, my attempt to give back is to hold space for you on your mat.
I’ve endured traumas, and I needed to feel powerful, so I certified in power yoga, I endured traumas and I had no choice but to be still so I healed through stillness then was certified in trauma based yoga & meditation.
I’m a student for life, I prefer training through mentorship, I love intimate experiences & that’s how I learned vinyasa, restorative & yin yoga.
Yoga has literally healed me, mind, body & soul. Off the mat I raise a teenager and a Weimaraner and allow breath to carry me through all of the moments."