Tula Fierce: INTERMEDIATE AND ALL LEVELS – 80° – 85°

Tula Fierce is an energetic class, which builds strength, flexibility, and concentration. Gently warmed from 80-85 degrees, this class will cleanse the body and calm the mind. You can always expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work. This class will help you to foster the connection between movement and breath, while refining your focus on correct positioning in each pose or asana. You’ll build strength and stamina and deepen your awareness of your body’s energy flow.


Tula Flow is a practice to create balance on all the layers of self (physical, energetic, emotional, and mental) using the three main threads of yoga practice: body, mind, and breath. The asanas, vinyasas, breathing techniques and turns on the mat, are creatively integrated using all major ranges of motion for arms, legs and spine. The primary goal of the practice is not to work only the physical body, but to target one’s concentration, balance energy and the nervous system, develop focus and attention, to turn awareness inward creating a serenely stable inner-atmosphere conducive for personal development. You will leave feeling peaceful and balanced.


Tula Fluid is a moving flow that invigorates your body and mind while focusing your attention on breath-body connection. This continuous flow of movement, much like a dance, wakes up and sensitizes the whole body while building awareness through meditative movement. The goal of this practice is to take a more easygoing approach to asana by incorporating elements of natural movement and conscious softening of the body. Gliding through a series of poses with the idea of moving like water, you will leave feeling energized and strong with a calm and focused mind.


New to the practice of yoga, and feel lost or intimidated in a faster paced class? Join our Tula Fundamentals class to learn about the most basic and fundamental yoga postures, different styles, terminology, philosophy, history, and much more.

This class functions more like a workshop, truly taking time with each posture, movement, or breath practice so that students can feel that they have a solid understanding and experience in their own bodies. We will start with the basics in postures, meditation and breath work, building each week on what we learned the week before. Whether you are a true beginner or a master yogi-this class is an amazing opportunity to learn more and grow in your yoga practice.


Life requires balance – yoga requires balance. If you find yourself completely immersed in the ‘yang’ style of yoga, the active muscular form, it may be time to discover the missing half, the ‘yin’ style that works the deep tissues, energy body, and mind/body. Tula Yin, through gentle, long holds, allows you to access and open the yin tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) of the body, relying on gravity and props to passively work into the body’s physical, emotional, and subtle energetic layers. Dress warm, the room is not heated to allow deeper work into the yin tissues.